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Fairing Bags

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I have the 7 inch windsplitter windshield. Are there any fairing bags that will work with the windsplitter?
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Mines 3.5 inches and works with my windshield tri-bags (saddleman bags) just fine. I see about 1/8" of the bag all the way around it. With your windshield you should be fine.

2007 ElectraGlide
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Ok thanks. I will look at the saddlemans.
Went to harley website it says the 2 bag will not not fit on my 10 electra glide. Saddlemans will not fit either. Looks like i'm out of luck.
I have a 10 in windsplitter and I run the Hogtunes fairing pouches and they work just fine.
Mine is a 09 SG with the 7" Windsplitter and I have the HD 3 Bag (magnetic, not Velcro) windshield and it works great for me regardless of what Harley says. The ends conform to the curve of the windshield. Like another poster said, you may see 1/16" to 1/8" at the very corners but on mine, I was able to adjust both the windshield and bags so you don't see anything. Ride and enjoy.
Thanks for the info everyone.
I have the same wind splitter on a '11 limited with two pouch. Works fine.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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