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My Buell is in the shop so I rented a Fat Bob this weekend and wrung it out on the E grade at Mt Palomar. My wife and I actually traded off riding our FLSTC and we both agreed we loved the turn in, handling, grip in the curves and the fit ergonomics were just about perfect for us. This could be the next ride in our stable. She is a tall lady and we were mostly thinking of a new ride for her but there were a few things I'd change if it could be done without screwing up the handling.

One: would like more lean and I think raising the bike an inch or so would help that. I scraped the muffler, my heels or both about 50% of the time and grounded the footpeg hard once.

Two: I thought the ride was too harsh. On the freeway it was teeth rattling/vision blurring plus a couple of times cornering on the rougher pavement the bike did a kind of hop and skip. My Buell with preload, compression and rebound set per the owner manual would have just soaked it all up and delivered smooth, reliable contact.

Shopping Dennis Kirk's for Progressive 412s for the rear the only ones that fit this bike were 11". Is that just because the bike comes with 11s as original equipment or is there a reason the 12s or 13.5s won't work. Also, I would think to keep the same great turn in and tracking performance I'd want to raise the forks an equivalent amount so the rake stays the same. Is this so and how would I do that? None of the Progressive cartridge inserts say they will raise the forks, there are only some that lower.

I'd appreciate any advice.
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