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Finally my new bike is "finished."

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I bought my 2014 Street Glide Special June 14th. After three months almost to the day I picked it up Saturday after a week of them having it to install parts I've had on order since purchase.

To be fair the only part that actually made me wait this long as the Rush 2-1 exhaust. Rush had some issues with a batch of the their systems where the ceramic coatings didn't coat correctly.

Other than the exhaust they installed a SE Heavy breather and a SE Race Tuner. My seat of the pants dyno says they three are working very well together.

They also installed 12" Wild One Chubby bars. Which have made the bike handle better because I can actually reach them and much more comfortable.

This was the first time the bike has been in the shop since the June 14 purchase so they also handled both recalls.

I only had one fix-it on the list after 1700 miles and that was the fuel door. It just didn't work. They originally thought it was going to be an adjustment only but after getting into it they decided a to just change the door. But they didn't have a stock chrome in-stock. I told them I'd take the Skull1 in its place if they had it in stock. They did and it turned out it was cheaper than they stock one so I got a $20.00 credit.

1k Service was also done (although 700 miles late).

And since I know it didn't happen unless there are pics...


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Very nice additions
Now it's time to ride! That gas door works great for that bike!

Nice scoot. The black bars and exhaust looks great.

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Great looking bike, enjoy it.
Looks nice , are those Harley grips or Avon's ?
Looks nice!!! If those pipes don't have heat shields you're gonna want some!!! I just wrapped my pipes because they didn't have any and I got tired of having fried legs!
Nice looking scoot right there.:thumbsup
Looks nice , are those Harley grips or Avon's ?


And thanks all.
Good looking Glide!! I also have the Rush true duels and with the ceramic coating heat shields are not needed.
those pipes look awesome.... wished I hadn't clicked on this thread.......Oh well, its only money
Very nice ride safe.
those pipes look awesome.... wished I hadn't clicked on this thread.......Oh well, its only money
And to make it worse they sound good and perform as well. Not too loud. Nice deep throaty rumble. With some roar at the top end.
Here's a really bad video for the sound of the Rush Exhaust.

Rush 2 1 on 2014 SGS - YouTube
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