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Finger Lakes????

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Anyone ever travel to the Finger Lakes in NY? Any recommendations roads? Where to stay etc? Taking a trip up there with the wife into wine country in a couple weeks and just looking for input.
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Any of the roads! 414, 90, 89, 96, 54, 38. rt 20 east &west ties all of them and 17/86 ties the south ends.

There are a scad of motels/hotel, a kazillion bed and breakfast.

Check google "motorcycle fingerlakes" a have a couple extra maps here. Most dealers have the maps also.

You are welcome to stop here or if I'm available I'll meet you and give you a map.
Thanks. My wife is looking at a Holiday Inn in Seneca Lake that she said looks good. Im more worried about the ride then where I stay actually. I can make the best of and have fun anywhere I stay, but want to make sure its a good ride.
its a awesome area to ride
Rt 14 along Seneca Lake is nice, and chock full of wineries. If you Google Finger Lakes Wineries, you will be shocked at how many there are.
A lot depends on your time allotted to travel. You can not go wrong on any some have more wine some have more scenery.

I have 3-4 Fingerlakes, 3 Adirondacks, 1 Western.

You are welcome to a Fingerlakes.
My dad says they are all great!!!

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as a former resident of CUBA and OLEAN NY. the finger lakes area are beautiful and enjoyable to ride. and to me very relaxing.
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