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Hello, New here to the forum, but not new to making my bike work....
2010 Fatboy Lo with the key fob security
1. Battery discharged (found ignition switch on 馃が)
2. Tried to jump start - fail - would get lights and fuel pump
3. Changed starter relay - fail - same conditions
4. Swapped battery - fail - same conditions
5. Swapped fob battery - fail - same conditions
6. Check voltage at pins for relay get 12v when start switch pushed for correct pin, and 12v power at pin to transfer
7. No ground at relay pin to close circuit for solenoid.
8. Fashion jumper to mimic relay starting connection. Bike starts and immediately shuts down.
9. Trace ground to HFSM on schematic. Realize same ground for flashers and turn signals. Flashers don鈥檛 work, turn signals don鈥檛 work.
10. No error codes
11. Swapped system relay - fail

Seriously WTF? Any suggestions beyond removing and replacing the HFSM (which is out of stock and listed at over $300)?

The only thing I think I have left to do is visually find the ground for the HFSM and ensure good connection, but I am skeptical because of the way the problem arose.

I don鈥檛 think it is a security issue (key fob works) because no error code and the blinkers aren鈥檛 flashing without the fob.

This one really has me stumped... any suggestions that ask me to redo the above (done and redone) are greatly appreciated...
Thank you,

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Starts and immediately shuts down indicates the FOB needs to be re-married to the HFSM. The procedure is a sticky in the electrical section.

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I'm not sure but re-marrying is worth a try. The start and shut down is a symptom that the procedure is required.
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Can you disable the security system - like you would when you transport the bike? Just a thought . . .
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