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Hey guys, I'm new to the H-D forums. As you may notice from my profile... I don't have a Harley... Anymore. I sold my first bike to my uncle (1988 XL 883) who lost his Dyna in a flood. My other Harley was a rebuilt 1998 FLHP custom (RIP) - picked off by a Ford Explorer... Not fun times! I'm stuck with my rebuilt 1991 Kawasaki Ninja 500. It's fun, but it's not a Harley.

Anyway, I have BIG plans to scratch-build a custom Fat Boy. I'm thinking: wider rear tyre, floor boards, LED dash, and gyroscopic repeater shut-offs! Actually... That's it. I'm fairly minimalistic when it comes to bikes... So, I'm looking at wrecked bikes and/or frames. At this point, I think a frame is a better place for me to start. Even though it may cost me more in the long run, a greater number of pieces, each at a lower cost is better for my budget than a huge chunk here and there. Cause, let's be honest, if I could afford big chunks at a time, I'd just run to my local Harley dealer...

So, Being way out of touch on recent H-D developments... I need some advice. I'd love a HUGE motor and a 6-speed transmission but I'm not sure what year-range to look for, or if the engines are interchangeable... Even with having to reweld the mounts here or there. I guess, I'd like to find a newish frame (2007? to take a stab in the dark) that would simply bolt onto one of the larger Harley motors and transmissions I could buy used. But if a 1992 frame would hold the same equipment, I'm fine with that too.

Another issue I'm finding is frames being sold without titles. If anyone (especially in Massachusetts, Virginia, or North Carolina) has any experience with titling a scratch-built motorcycle with a title-less frame, I'm in definite need of guidance here!

If you've gotten this far down the page, thank you!
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