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FLSTSCI front bearing hub removal

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I have a huge issue. The front fender on the FLSTSCI has hubs that are attached to the fender and I can not find out how to remove them in order to paint the fender. I took it to the local HD dealership and they had no idea how to get it off for me. I have tried every wrench including strap wrenches to no avail. Please does anyone know how to get these hubs off?
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Use a little heat and a strap wrench to unscrew them. If all else fails you can use a large channel lock pliers but then you'll probably have to buy two new hubs. Lefty loosey.
Thanks for the info. Hopefully I don't mess them up because the parts department is telling me they do not sell that part. The sell the bearings and hub cap but not the hub itself. They are telling me it is part of the fender but the last tin I bought came without it.
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This is the part I am referring to. I tried heat and still can not get it to come off.
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If you can't take it off, tape it off and then spray your fender.
That would work but there is a small gap and I am afraid that I would not be able to clean it well enough and the paint would eventually peel off.
The part in the pic is integral to the fender, not removable that I'm aware of.
I thought you meant the hub cap.
Paint it with the fender, might look pretty good.
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