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Can someone give me the oil capacities for an 05 E-Glide.
My neighbor just bought one used and doesn't have the owners
or Service Manual.
My 07 may have different capacities so thought I'd check.

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4 quarts of oil, but....., usually about a 1/2 quart stays in there unless you use a scavenger setup to pump that last 1/2 quart (not necessary in my opinion). Assuming he changes the filter, it'll take about 3 1/2 quarts to get it full. Of course, he should check it hot after his first ride, and get it just right according to the dipstick.

The first time I changed the oil in my 03 Glide, I put the full 4 quarts back in, and ended up with some overflow/blowback into the air filter. The last time I did it, I used 3 1/2 quarts, and it worked out better.

If he is doing the other holes, the Primary takes 1 full quart (32 oz.), and the tranny takes about 22 oz. (the manual says 20 - 24).

Also, tell him to make sure that he finds every HD forum he can, and starts a "What kind of oil is best" thread on each one:D. Seriously, I would recommend a full synthetic 15-50 or 20-50 for the motor and primary, and 75-90 full synthetic gear oil for the trans.

Also, I would highly recommend that he get the service manual. Comes in very handy.

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