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Fork mounted wind deflectors

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I definitely do not like the buffeting high-speed vision blurring effects of not having some sort of extra wind deflection.

I have a newer Heritage and unfortunately the between the fork baffle won't fit. That accessory is only for the touring models; however there are multiple versions of fork mounted side wind deflectors. Some are a little too bulky and up are detractive aesthetically. Others are not as bad and may even make the bike look better. The question is specifically for soft tail owners that have experience with the different versions of these fork mounted wind deflectors.

Which version looks best in your opinion, the Harley version 57400143 or one of the aftermarket versions?
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I have the Harley wind deflectors you mention on my Fat Boy Lo and they definitely work. The wind now goes around to the outside of the tank. At first I thought they were butt ugly but was willing to ignore the looks because comfort is more important to me, but now I actually like the robust look.

I've never used any others like you asked for so ignore my opinion if you wish.
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I do appreciate the feed back. It's encouraging to know you were a little turned off at first but have grown to like the way they look.

thanks for posting,
I have the Harley 57400143 on 2014 FatBoy.
They work great. For me functionality is more important than appearance. I don't think they look bad.
The ride I get now on my FatBoy is without head buffeting. I can actually read the signs now. I also had them on the Heritage when I had it.
Remember, they are easy to take off and put back on.
Never tried the after market.
I have them on my Heritage. They took care of the buffeting but I too was not sure I liked the looks. Now i am starting to like the way they look.
Gives my bike some character.
Had the Memphis Shades lowers on a different bike. They clamped to the forks and were always working loose.
Harley has a much better mount.
Does any one make any for the FXSTC? Forks are very different.
Harley version on my '04 Fatboy, no matter what they look like my vision isn't blurred, huge difference in that.....
Thanks all for responding. Good info.

Your Harley dealer will know what fits on your bike Billy, but I don't know which off the top of my head.
Thanks all for responding. Good info.

Your Harley dealer will know what fits on your bike Billy, but I don't know which off the top of my head.
JP, HD parts catalog does not show any thing for FXST front ends. I will check with my HD parts guy tomorrow during donuts & coffee on Saturday mornings. Stop in if your not busy :)
You might want to check out the Kuryakyn 1312. I have them on my Heritage and they help out a lot, plus you can open them up in the summer to allow a little air thru.
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