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I ordered the Fox Creek large saddlebags and EZ brackets to go with them, and just got them in last nite so I had to put them on to see how they looked. On the web page, they recommend using the large brackets to go with these bags which use the rear 2 bolts on your rear fender strut as attachment points. This would require relocation of the rear turn signals, so I opted to use the medium brackets which use the forward 2 bolts on the fender strut as attachment points.

Here I mounted the brackets to check the fitment. The pic is a bit dark, but you can kinda see how they attach to the fender struts.

Got the right side bracket installed to one of the saddlebags here and installed on the bike.

I also got the carrying handle to make things easier to carry into the hotel etc. From this angle you can see the mounting posts on the rear fender strut.

And here is another shot of how they look on the bike.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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