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Some of the most common upgrades that many Harley-Davidson owners do are the installation of a high flow air cleaner and a set of aftermarket exhaust pipes. However, in this case, the engine may run lean which may result in accelerated wear. To prevent this from happening, the systems of the upgraded bike need to be tuned. Modern bikes rely on computers regulating airflow and fuel injection. Introducing the FPE FuelPak tuner by Vance & Hines that you can use to reprogram your machine.

This product is created to squeeze additional horsepower, correct lean air-and-fuel mixture, increase efficiency and unlock the full potential of your mods making your engine running perfectly. The tuning process is fairly simple. The device can be paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth. You just need to install an app that will guide you through the entire tuning process. The system includes thousands of different fuel maps, and you can choose the perfect one depending on your modifications.

Vance & Hines® - FP3 Fuelpak – MOTORCYCLEiD.com

Smartphone App User Interface
Display Live Sensor Data
Improve Throttle Progressivity (on TBW Models)
Map Tuning Available for Higher RPM/Throttle Range
Autotune Available for Higher RPM/Throttle Range
Designed for epic performance and ultimate efficiency

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