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Freedom Design Windshield, 7", dark tint. $65 shjpped, paypal as gift preferred. Fitment- 1996-2013 StreetGlide only. The line you will see in the photos is where the fairing tape adheres when installed. Not visible once installed.

• AirCurve drives the airflow 2"-3" higher than a standard windshield
• Cleaner air flow - less wind noise & turbulence for the rider and passenger
• Helps stabilize the bike at higher speeds
• Allows you to use a shorter shield for a better view over the top without
sacrificing comfort or use the same size or taller shield for added comfort.
• 30% thicker than the stock shield and other shields for more stability and
added strength
• Crystal clear optical clarity - No distortion !
• High luster, hand polished edges
• Slightly wider on the upper half of the shield - wider wind deflection creates a
quieter, more comfortable ride for the rider and passenger
• Pre-formed and ready to mount like the stock shield

• Premium high impact modified acrylic - Very durable
• D.O.T. Approved - Exceeds industry and D.O.T. standards
• UV protection - shield will not discolor or haze from the sun or weather


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