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front brakes

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I replaced my front brake pads on my 05 ultra classic after 49,000 miles. Unfortunatly in my haste I loosened the caliper bolts and split the halves for a second and only dripped a few drops then retightened the bolts. Replaced the pads, bled the caliper and checked it out. Now the pressure drops as soon as I go 10 yards, I have to pump the lever 2 to 3 times. Had it checked out and they found no problems with air. They suggest a bent rotor. There was nothing wrong before I changed the pads. They also said that the rotor looked good. Right rotor also gets a lot hotter than the left and seems like the caliper could be dragging the pads. they just took it apart today and said it was OK. Could it possibly be bad pads?
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Clean caliper pistons. You likely pushed them back dirty. That prevents a good lever. There's a sticky in the tech area. They should be cleaned once a year or 5k. When you push them back dirty, the dirt prevents them from coming out of the bore easily and evenly.

Take of calipers and pads again. Gently pump caliper pistons out half way, two at a time. Clean. Use a toothbrush and brake clean. Do others. Do other side. Reassemble. Wala.

The partial splitting of the caliper was an f-up, but not related to your issue.
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