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Front vs. Rear

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Is there a difference between the frt. and rear tires. I was looking at the Dunlop site earlier. The E3, MT90B16 frt. tire has 6/32" tread depth, max load 770lbs. @40psi. The MT90B16 rear has10/32" tread deph with a max load of 830lbs. @40psi. The MU90B16 has 11/32 td, with max load of 930lbs. @40 psi. I'm running the MU on the rear of my 06 RK, because when I bought them, I don't think they made an MT for the rear. As per manual I run 36psi frt and rear when solo. Any and all opinions and or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Don't know all the technical differences but I know front and rear are different. It think the front one is more rounded in the center and the rear is more flat in the center.
I wonder why the difference in tread depth? Once I put mine on the lift I'll get a measurement on the tread depth. If I replace it. I'll go back with the MU90B16. I'm still trying to find the paper work when I had this set put on, so I can check the mileage.
Only thing I can think of is that the rear tire caries more load when a passenger is on and they generally wear fast than fronts do. But I'm just taking a guess at it.
There's probably more thread because they wear a lot faster. The load isn't distributed 50/50. There's more on the rear. Plus, it's the drive tire. I'd guess you wouldn't get a whole lot of wear out of a front tire on the back.
Dunlop also said dyno runs were really bad for bike tires.
What did they say about burn outs?? :)
I suspect they love them due to increased sales.
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