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Fuel Filter Change.

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Over due to change out fuel filter. The book says to replace top plate gasket and the screws. I'm ok with a new gasket but why change out the screws ? Mentions r&r the fuel line o rings also. Any feed back would be appreciated. 2009 FXSTC 30,434 miles.
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They are small self sealing screws and they don't cost much. Possible fuel leaks that go directly to the crotch area are unacceptable to me. The little o-rings are cheap too.
Reuse of the screws is ok ONCE. I have them, and they're not expensive, but if they leak, it's an issue. More for the dealer (liability) than a private owner.

Besides....dealer can charge you for them.
Thanks for the advise guys. Had feeling the screws were self sealing types. When in Kalifornia stop in for a cool one...:cheers
Bought the tank gasket & 10 screws for $16.00 @ dealer. Too bad I filled tank before going to dealer and forgot to get the fuel hose o rings. DUH!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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