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Fuel gauge ready empty/ low fuel light on

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In need of advice....

My fuel gauge is sitting on empty and my low fuel light is on. A little history before this issue cropped up. Went to fire my bike up and it was dead. Suspected electrical issue...ended up finding the positive lead on the battery was not tightened down enough and making poor contact (previous owner installed an accessory outlet). After cleaning contacts and tightening down....bike fire right up but now the fuel gauge is not working?? Plenty of gas. I even pulled the float up with a coat hanger...same thing. Bike runs fine...actually drove about 15 miles home after initial issue. Any ideas??...is the gauge bad now? Is there a good place to ohm it out? and if so...what should it be reading for ohms?

Thanks in advance for any help...trying to avoid a trip to the dealers if it is something simple such as a bad fuel gauge.
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Title meant to say "reading" empty not ready...
Check all your fuses.

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Are there any other besides the ones in the fuse box? I checked them all with ohm meter and all seem to be good...
If the low fuel light is also on, it's not the gauge, it's either the sending unit or the wiring.

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where is the sending unit located? Thanks for the help...
I take the sending unit is part of the float mechanism in the tank (part of the aluminum plate with ten star screws)? ...this is a 2008 Heritage Classic. Is there a way to ohm out the unit from the yellow plug below the tank dash cover?
I ohmed out the sending unit...on the green and yellow wires. Found out it should be around 250 ohms when empty and 40 ohms when reading full. ended up being a float issue. All good now...
Had the same issue on my bike with the gauge reading empty on a full tank.
Replacing sending unit/float assembly also fixed my issue.
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