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fuel leaking

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There is fuel leaking underneath my tank ,it seems to be between the connector and the fuel line,there is a small o'ring at the end of this fuel line ,my question have you ever change this parts or if it comes with the whole fuel line?

Fatboy efi 2005
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Theres TWO (2) O-rings inside the fitting. One deeeeeep inside, and the one you see.

You can replace only the O-rings. A small, bent paperclip helps in removing the one deep inside.

Replace with Viton or Nitril, NOT NATURAL RUBBER.

Tools are also made to do it easily. (Fuel-Tool $80)

Amazon.com: Fuel Tool EFI Check Valve Lower O-Ring MC200: Automotive

Fuel Tool EFI Check Valve Rebuild Kit - BikeBandit.com
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Great!!! ,just coming back from the dealership, part#11323 was totally not the one needed,
i bought the complete fuel line (just in case since i'm 1 hour away from the dealer) and got 2 o'rings not OEM since he couldn't find part#.

Back home , i changed the little culprit and decide to plug it with the old fuel line and...Voilà
no leaking ,ignition on -no leaking ,crank it up -no leaking ,funny how a .50cents part can ruin a ride.

Does the dealer can take back the fuel line (it's still in the original bag unopen) or if harley dealer have a strict policy of final sale no refund :((
Depends on the dealer, but I've had a dealer OK a return on a part that was powder coated.
Although I was out the cost of powder coating.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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