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Hi Guys
I am re-furbishing a 1977 FXE shovelhead. It came with the standard FLH style single speedo set up on 3.5 gallon tanks, but I wanted to go with the original over / under speedo / tach.

I picked up a used unit and have two issues. The first is that the tach doesn't work properly (no surprise) as when running, the needle at idle is at 4000 rpm and when revving the engine, it increases to 6000 but that's it. When shutting off the ignition it sometimes goes to 0, but sometimes rests at 3000.

Second issue is the tripometer. It just plain doesn't work. When off the bike with no restrictions, with help guiding the cable, I can get it to re-set, however when installed on the bike, the cable just wraps itself up like an elastic band until it is wrapped so tight it cannot twist anymore. All this results in no movement on the display.

Anybody out there familiar with these set ups?


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