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Gaiters (Raingear)

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Hi -

Can anyone share his/her experience with the HD Rain Gaiters (The good the bad and the ugly experiences, please). How do they compare with other gaiters that are much cheaper ($60 for the HD versus 20-30 for others).

Thanks in advance!
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I can only tell you that I was very pleased with the cheap ones from Cycle Gear ($15 on sale). I don't bother with them often, but if I'm on a road trip and it looks like heavy stuff for a good while, I'll put them on. With the Harley rainsuit over them, they did the job. In my case, fit is very close. I wear size 14 boots and even the XXL gaiters barely fit.

the off brand ones look as good as the HD brand and I wish I had seen them 1st
I bought the hd rain pants with side zips , heat resistant lower legs, rubber pad on the seat area plus waiters built in with stirrups. Works great, found them on sale...worth it...
I bought a HD rain suit a few years and it came with gaiters. Work great...
I use these and am very happy with them.

13 in Regular Height Boot Covers

These go on first, then HD Hi-vis rain pants, then HD Hi-viz rain jacket. Has proven to keep me dry for hours on end.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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