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Getting tired of fatboy suspension

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I have had my fatboy lo for about 3 years now and am getting tired of how rough the suspension feels. I am thinking of upgrading to a touring model seeing as how I only have the bike and need something I can drive all day every day. Plus the saddlebags would be nice for carrying groceries and daily items for work. Any thoughts on if a streetglide is better than a road king? I guess my best bet would be to rent them and see what I think. Anyways, any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

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Wow, I upgraded TO a 2014 Fatboy from a Sportster Forty Eight because of how bad the stock suspension was. I would love to see your idea of a "smooth suspension" if the Fatboy doesn't meet that requirement. I love the ride, it really is night and day compared to the Sportster.
Might as well go for the Ultra, you will end up there anyway.

Suspension can be adjusted or upgraded. Saddlebags can be added.
Or spend the big $ on a new bike . Your call.
We have all been there... any way that you can justify the move to a new bike, it is all good with us. We understand ;)

As to your question on RK or SG, I suggest to go to the dealer and rent each one for a weekend. Then decide. Only you can tell which one feels better for you...
If you like the rest of the bike, just upgrade your suspension...I changed my front and rear shocks/springs to progressive a couple years ago. Made a huge positive diff. in the ride. The whole front kit was 90 bucks and I wish I had done it first thing...the front eliminated 2 inches of unwanted sag in the front. Great alternative to changing bikes...BUT, if your like me and looking for an excuse...LOL. Ride safe.
I had 1 EG and 2 rk's before I bought an 07 FB. The wife mostly stopped riding and I wanted to hot rod it out a little.
I think that the suspension and turning capabilities were just awful compared to any of the others I had before...
I bought a 14 limited this past xmas and it is a night and day difference in how much better it rides and handles...
I wish I had not waited so long...
Not trying to bash the FB crowd, just my opinion of my bikes...
I just bought the Street Glide in January (2014 model) and the ride was much stiffer to me than my old Road King. However, I had a friend give me a set of HD Premium shocks like comes on the Street Glide Special and it makes all the difference! I love my new SG now. So, bottom line is if you decide on the SG over the King you may want to get the Special since it comes with the Premium adjustable shocks. Just my 2 cents.
I have to say that if you could only have one bike... it would be the Road King. It has the classic styling of a motorcycle for around town but toss a tour pack on and go long haul. Just change the seat. RK's seats S-U-C-K-!
Ultimately, I'd have 2 bikes, a Super Glide Sport and an Ultra. And a Honda XR650L and a Polaris 700 Sportsman. Guess that's 4 bikes.
Thank you guys. I did not know I could upgrade the suspension. Yes I agree the FB rides way better than the sportster. I am perfectly happy with the forks, it's the rear shocks I am not thrilled with anymore. I don't suppose there is something I can do about the high rev at 70+ mph? I don't think the streetglide needs over 2600 rpm to go that fast? I would think different gears would help but if I have to spend $$$$$$ to do it, may as well upgrade the bike.

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The Softails factory shocks are adjustable.
But am pretty sure they are set at the softest setting from the start. So adjusting them will only make it a firmer ride. Guessing that is`t what you want.

What year is your bike. What RPM`s are you seeing?
My bike is a 2012 and it takes at least 2600 rpm to do 70. I only care about that because it vibrates quite a bit if I try to hold 75+.

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