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Gloves for rain

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Am looking to go to the Kerrville area this weekend and looks as though I may encounter some rain. How much depends on which weather site I visit...amazing how much difference there is in their forecasts! Am going prepared however and while I feel I have a handle on coat and pants I do feel I need something different for my gloves. Have three pair of leather gloves that I use depending upon the temperature but none I would classify as waterproof. Any suggestions from those that are exposed to rain regularly? Don't get too much experience with that here in Lubbock, TX!!
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In the summer, I've work mechanics gives in rain. Maintain grip but do not insulate hands.
If its going to be cold, ski gloves....get'em at Academy ...12 bucks. :thumbsup

Sweet! Great ideas! Thanks!
I've become a big fan of Obenaufs:

Obenauf's Leather Care

Put your favorite leather gloves on then pour a tablespoon or so of the oil into the palm of a gloved hand then rub your gloved hands together as though you were washing up. The oil soaks into the gloves within minutes. Obenauf's is touted as a conditioner, not waterproofing, and though it does help in that (waterproofing) regard, what its greatest benefit is, is that your gloves will dry and remain supple and not go hard or begin to rot and stink. I slather the oil all over my leathers and use their paste on my boots. Keeps leathers looking and feeling like new even after they've been soaked.
I have some Outdoor Research water proof gloves I used back in the days when I climbed mountains. They can go on over my leather gloves or alone. They have great grip in the palms. 2 weeks ago, I rode for hours in the rain and only used my everyday fingerless leather gloves. It was rainy and not cold. Hands and face just gonna get wet in my case. I don't use full face helmets.
Worst case scenario, you could use some big yellow dishwashing gloves if things get bad.
If its going to be cold, ski gloves....get'em at Academy ...12 bucks. :thumbsup

^^^this. i also have some light-weight neoprenes.
I got caught in a cold rain one time and stopped at a Krogers and bought some YELLOW dish washing gloves. They are long enough to go over the sleeve enuf to prevent water from there. Uglier than duck beaks but effective....,
I use snow seal on my leather gloves and boots. Been using it to waterproof boots and gloves for many years. Works great.

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I'm sure a lot of products work and out here we have them all. But, the lumber jacks, smoke jumpers, cowboys, forestry department and hikers use Obenaufs.
I slathered the backs of a pair of my winter gauntlet gloves with the stuff. I hand applied and didn't get a whole lot on the palms though cause I didn't want to transfer the oil to the grips.
My winter gloves has a triangular shaped rubber strip on top of the left thumb, to wipe water off your visor. But I wouldn't call them waterproof.
Here you go......

Oooo, she's hot. I got a woody for her.
She seems a little plastic for my tastes!
Anything that will keep your grip is fine. Hands get wet no big deal, it's when your clothes are wet that the suck starts.
From LOWBROW CUSTOMS ....Summer gloves by ( "MOTOSTUKA" ) at $68.95 pr.
The most manly motorcycle gloves I have ever seen !
Thanks everyone! I appreciate your input!
I have done the dishwashing gloves it works and when it turns colder helps a lot
Waterproofing your leather

I've used mink oil on all my leather for years, it waterproofs them and keeps them from getting dry and cracking or getting stiff when they dry. The only drawback might be it will darken some leather but it's not that much of a difference.:biking:
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