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Good Dog!!!

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Last night my bike shed alarm went off and lo and behold I had an asswipe breaking in to where my bike is normally kept. Right now the bike is out at the painters but I suspect the would be thief thought it was there as usual. well I grabbed my gun and headed out there to find that my 11 pound chaweeni named Taco had this masterthief cornered and traped in the shed. I threw down on him waited for the cops and off to jail he went. Today the Chaweeni gets some homade treats from the pet store LOL!!
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Hell yeah!!!!! Awesome!!!
Great story. Hate to say it but if he was scared of a small dog like that, I woulda loved to see him pinned by a mastiff....
Pet store treats? You better be grilling that dog a steak for sure. Maybe a nice T-bone so he can savor the bone for the rest of the evening.
Great story get Taco some steak Tacos and maybe let him sleep on the bed tonight. My dog 90 LB Weimaraner would have chewed him a new azz cops could have taken their time.
I really cosidered just shooting the P.O.S, We have a pet store here that actually bakes these wierd little meat treats for dogs that my dog loves. That horses ass is gonna be gone for awhile becouse according to the cops since I have an awning that connects the building to my house he is bieng charged with a night time burglury of a habitation and since we were home it makes it an aggravated first degree felony charge. Plus the dumb ass has already been in the pen a couple times and is on Parole for drug posession. While I was standing there with my gun on him he was begging me to let him go and I really had to try to keep from just putting him down. It would have saved myself and some fellow Texans some tax dollars becouse that turdbag is just a drain. 2010 if this guy wouldve seen a mastif I think he would have litterally pissed himself..LMAO!!!!!! he wasnt the bravest criminal Ive ever seen.
Quick action by you and the dog. Well done. I don't think they would have questioned you shooting, but glad you were able to avoid it.
Great read. Taco gets a lot of special attention now. Good job on your part too. Hope the asswipe gets the max, cause there is no cure for most thieves.

Well.....there is, but you don't have to be the one....
Hes a keeper and a biker at heart! He deserves a steak! ...oh and maybe a beer...
Glad it worked out.
Now that's good dog you should get it a Steak and some real good dog treats


Too bad ya didn't slip and the gun accidently discharge a round .

:eek. ooppps
I HATE THIEVES! I hope they lock his ass up for a loooooong time. People like this dont deserve to breath the same air as us. Shoulda shot his dumb ass! lol
Im glad everything went well and your dog is awesome as crap.
Good for you!!
Taco does deserve a nice steak. Probably a baked potoato w\ all the fixins'...
Sick balls, Chopper.

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I'd put that raw steak in the shed. And when you put the bike back, give him another steak next to the bike.

That will definitely become his property to guard.
Well done taco. :thumb
Nothing but respect for that little badazz dog.
Great story get Taco some steak Tacos and maybe let him sleep on the bed tonight. My dog 90 LB Weimaraner would have chewed him a new azz cops could have taken their time.
It's funny you say this about your dog. I never thought Weimars were agressive dogs. Last week at the beach I was riding a bicycle and came up on a family walking their Weimaraner and it bit me in the calf. Took a good chunk out of it too.
Picture of your dog?
Ok I followed your advice and BBqed some fat TBones and Taco got his own. Right now hes chewing the bone..LOL he cant say it but im sure he is thanking you all for the suggestion. But all joking aside he earned it.I even put about a cup full of beer in his bowl which he drank down like it was the best water hes ever had LOL.
Ill get a pic of the scary guard animal up Tonight ;). It was funny though becouse he is like 9 inches tall and all muscular and mean as hell. He cant get you above the ankle but your feet will never be the same. But he did do well I grabed me gun and went out my side door so id have some cover and could come up behond him and taco went straight in with a wierd little growl then proceeded to get straight on his azz. By the time I got around the building the coward was getting up on my toolbox and trapped.
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