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New to the forum/blog arena.

I am a blessed owner of a 2014 CVO Limited. My spouse and I reside in Washington State. I am a full-timer, and yes....we rode to Sturgis and back.

Be well, be blessed, and always keep 2-wheels down.

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Welcome from Conway, SC. Post a pic of your CVO when you get a chance. We like pics.:)
I attempted to load some pics...not sure how to see them.
I was stationed in NC for 18-years; and I miss it! I know where Conway is...you are at the base of the mountains.
Welcome from Houston.
Welcome from College Station, TX.

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Welcome from Orlando FL
Welcome to the forum from Virginia. Plenty of good folks and good information here.
Welcome from SW Oklahoma! Great group a folk here. And doc, since your a full timer, does that mean we will see you in Eureka Springs?
Welcome aboard from N.Y.
Welcome from Michigan
Welcome from Baton Rouge! We would love to see your pictures.

This is from the user info section of the forum:

How do I add an image to a post?

If you have uploaded an image as an attachment, you can click the arrow next to the 'Attachment Icon' and select it from the list. This will be inserted into your post and can be located where you want it displayed.

To include an image that is not uploaded as an attachment and is located on another website, you can do so by copying the full URL to the image, (not the page on which the image is located), and either pressing the 'Insert Image' icon or by typing
after it, ensuring that you do not have any spaces before or after the URL of the image. You can insert pictures from your albums (?) in this way too.

--There is also a sticky somewhere about posting pics.

BTW-- "Full Timer"? (I guess I don't know everything after all :laugh)

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1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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