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don't need wheels right now, but this guy is only 30 miles away and I might just stop in and buy him a beer...

Voyager Motor Cycle Wheels
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I'd roll up in a Prius, tell him I wanted to buy them for a project to convert my Harley to bio-diesel and ask if he takes Paypal.

Then see how far I could run before the first shots were fired.
Haha good one
:rofl: I like him.
Love it when old buzzards say "These are my rules, I don't apologize and I don't compromise".
Good man right there. If he were near I'd buy him a drink or two, or three, or four, etc.
Yep, I'd buy him a brew as well. I like this guy.
I wonder if his name is Earl Pitts-American? we need more like him! bravo!:cheers
I really want to party with that som biatch. I think we could see eye to eye on a bunch of stuff.
I love that ad... I wanna call him all the way from Texas and give him props on the ad... Even though I have NO intention on buying the wheels.
Hell I might call him from Canada just to wish him well
I called a friend that lives up in northern Wisconsin and asked him if he was selling his ride and gear and if he placed the ad. He denies it vehemently.
I wanna call him just to buy him a beer and shoot the breeze with him for while!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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