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I just bought my new Harley at a dealership and the only option they offered me was the Harley Davidson Extended Service Plan. The new bike option was 7 years with a tire and wheel coverage. The seven years is not additional, it is only 5 extra! I was ready to get it, but the $2500+ price tag was way too much. I decided to pass, because I had 30 day to make a decision.

After a bit of research online, I found Jim Palmer at Kutter HD. The reviews online were spot on; he was awesome to work with and gave me the break down on all the options. Enrollment is completed entirely online and payment with a credit card. It couldn't have been easier. Didn't even need a fax!

Harley Davidson won't let dealers sell the CNA administered program at a discount outside of the dealership. When I compared the two options, I found that there are better options available.
  • Additional 5 years of mechanical coverage
  • $0 deductible on all covered repairs
  • All factory covered parts are continued with this coverage
  • Transferable and cancelable

The coverage is valid at any HD dealership in the US and Canada, as well as any licensed repair facility. Unfortunately I got a nail in my tire within the first week and the claim was easy. The service writer just called it in and got paid with a credit card over the phone. Fortunately I have this plan, with NO DEDUCTIBLE, the tire was brand new!

I was a little apprehensive to buy a different plan. However seeing Jim's reputation and experience with both the CNA plan and this plan made me confident in the purchase. Plus saving almost $800 was even better!

I got my 5 extended year coverage for only $1,348

Feel free to shoot me any questions here, be glad to see other people save some cash.
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Food for thought. I know this is about cars, but it's a good read:

Consumer Reports: Extended Warranties for Cars - Consumer Reports
I NEVER buy extended warranties...on average they are not a good value...I have proof...LOL.
I have over $10,000.00 still in the bank I can use for repairs IF needed, that would have gone to marketing scumbags selling people stuff they don't need...10 k based on a small percentage of the loser programs attempted to be sold to me...
Advise...Be self insured...and if you don't need the money for repairs, you can use it for BEER! Ride safe and don't get scammed...
First post sales pitch. Nice.
Ha, did a search just to see what the plan covers and he has the same thing on every forum... Didn't notice the post count when I replied.
Awww... man! I hate extended warranties anyway.
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