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Had to get away

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Had been planning to go to the Kerrville area of Texas this past weekend but we have had crazy rain for this area due to the remnants of a hurricane. As I had to work until 5pm Friday (brought the bike loaded and ready despite the weather) I watched the radar all day and the rain was too hard and flooding was a concern on our planned route. So after discussing it with my riding buddy, decided to head to the Land of Enchantment, northern New Mexico!

Left at 5 sharp and dodged a couple of small showers for the first 60 miles then skies began to clear as evening descended. Saw stars in the sky for the first time in 10 days as we rode into Las Vegas, NM shortly after 9 local time. My first extended ride at night on my 2014 Ultra Limited and I do appreciate the lighting on this bike. Dwarfed the lights on my friends Gold Wing. Dominos Pizza and Jack Daniels eased us to bed for the night.

After eating some of the best breakfast I have ever had, Huevos Rancheros at Charlie's bakery and Café, headed north into beautiful clear skies. Rode back roads into Mora then north into Angel Fire. Stayed on the Enchanted Circle thru Red River to Questa where we turned north to Colorado. Light breeze and lots of sun and temps in the upper 70's provided a great ride on a rather straight road to Antonito, Colorado. There we turned west thru Mannessa (birth place of Jack Dempsey) and pointed towards Chama, New Mexico.

I am no wordsmith so I will not try too long to describe that portion of the trip. Aspens were turning, skies were sunny and blue and the roads wound thru some of the most beautiful country I have witnessed. Lots of bikes out, especially dual purpose types, everyone enjoying what motorcycles can bring to your soul. Was sad to see Chama as I knew that portion of the trip was done. But there was plenty more to see that day.

Eased south of Tierra Amarilla and headed west towards Tres Piedras on one of my favorite roads. Sorry I don't recall the HWY number but I have ridden it many times over the years and I just know it well. Curves and turning Aspens are all I need to say. Once to Tres Piedra, turned south to Espanola. Buds Gold Wing came within 1/10th gallon from running out before we found gas. A bit anxious he was!

Once fueled turned on the High Road to Taos and a road with great curves, views and changing elevations, Pinions to Pines. Arrived in Taos shortly after 6:30 and ate at our favorite restaurant, Michaels. Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas found their way onto my fork and once at the hotel, we had a nice discussion of the day with Mr. Jack Daniels. Slept well.

Michaels again for breakfast. Must have been 10 motorcycles, majority were dual sport KTMs. Did see a cool old R60 BMW with fiberglass bags being ridden by a younger fellow. Good for him! Had Colorado plates on his bike so I hope he enjoyed himself. On the road by 830am and road to Mora on a somewhat cloudy morning with a breeze from the east. Mora on into Las Vegas and here we turned due east and road by Conchas Lake into Tucamcari. Headed south into Clovis and wound up putting on our rain gear about 40 miles from Lubbock. Right at 1150 miles. Wife talked about the rain that had not quit all weekend. All I could talk about was the ride I did all weekend!

I'll try to post some pics later once I get them downloaded. So glad I went out of town rather than staying home!
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Sounds like you had an awesome weekend.
Don't sell yourself short as a writer. Your concise style and thrifty use of words gives me a vivid mental image of a great ride in just a few paragraphs. Well done. I, too, am glad you decided to not stay home.

i could read more of that!
Don't sell yourself short as a writer. Your concise style and thrifty use of words gives me a vivid mental image of a great ride in just a few paragraphs. Well done. I, too, am glad you decided to not stay home.


+1 Silver! Sounds like an amazing ride! I've always wanted to ride out that way!!!
Thanks! Means something coming from you guys!
That's the way to do it...Rinse, 're-energize, repeat...
Glad you guys had a great trip. Ride safe.
Great job on describing an awesome ride. Thanks for sharing. That truly is great riding country out there. looking forward to the pics.
That was a good read and well written. Thanks for posting.
I've only been to Taos and Chalma once but I really need to go back there. Good people and interesting towns.
I live in the Vegas area and eat at Charlie's every monday after doing my bank deposit. You are a fine writer and I pictured almost every place in my mind. I live in a beautiful part of NM and enjoy riding here. Hit me up if you return.
I'm waiting on Pictures, after reading about all them places I want'a see.
Outstanding! Carry on!
Seven of us are leaving in the morning to go down and ride the Kerrville area. This will be my first trip down there in 3 years. It's a great place to spend a few days.
That was our initial destination but that tropical storm changed all that. Hope you have a great time with the "three sisters" and all the other roads in the area.

I will try to post some pics tonight
It was a great three day trip. The days were hot, but the mornings were really nice.
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