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I have tried contact cement to glue the hand grip back on .but now 5k later it's loose again.. I was told to use hair spray , or black electrical tape to wrap on the bar then shove the grip back on.. What does the factory use ? View attachment 816757
I can't say what the factory uses.

For Soft grips: Bicycle or dirt bike style:
I have always had good results with Aqua Net hair spray. Spraying the inside of the grip with a heavy wet coat, slide the now sloppy grip onto the throttle sleeve and leave it overnight to dry. Has to be removed with a sharp blade or by blasting shop air through a very tight blower, aimed between the grip and the bar..

Hard grips:
That i have used don't require glue. The proper grip should have a groove that interlocks with the handlebar switch housing that prevents the grip from siding off.

Are you sure that grip is designed for your bike?
I ask because of the throttle tube vs a hard grip. It can be done using RTV and allowed plenty of dry time.
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