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So this farmer moved into a new area and went to.town to get some livestock. He first asked the guy for a donkey to plow his fields. The guy at the store said," around here we called them donkeys, asses." Said the only ass he had right now was a stubborn one and would work a while and stop, then you ould have to scratch his chin and he would continue to work. Farmer said ill take him.

Next the farmer said he needed a rooster and hen to breed and lay eggs. Store owner said," son around here we called the hens pullets since they are always pullin worms outa the ground, we call the roosters peckers since they are always peckin the ground lookin for corn." Farmer said ill take emm.

So he climbs on the ass and with the two chickens under his arms he rides back to his farm. Bout halfway home the ass stops. In fear of one of the chickens running away, he holds them under his arms and tries to figure out what to do. This little old lady comes along and says in a sheepish voice ," soney, is there anythin i can help ya with," farmer said , "well man if you would kindly hold my pecker and pullet whilst i scratch my ass, ill be on my way....."

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