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hard hydraulic clutch help

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My new to me 09 Saxon has a hydraulic clutch and a 6 speed RHD Primo rivera transmission. The clutch is very hard - needs a lot of pressure at the lever and in traffic my hands gets tired quickly. Is this normal or do I need to flush ,bleed and put new fluid in the system.

did a search but did not find anything
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I would suspect the clutch pressure plate causing the hard lever not the hyd. clutch itself.
Has it always been hard to operate the lever or did this just start to get hard to pull.
Maybe a different style of lever would make it easier to pull.
I have only had the bike for a few weeks and it has always been hard. It engages fine and there is no slippage or anything it is just needs a lot of pressure to hold in. I always thought that hydraulic clutches were easy but this one is a lot harder than my 09 Fatbob or my other bikes
The hyd. clutch lever pull is usually easier than a manual pull. The Rivera is a higher performance unit than usual factory setups so I suspect it's probably got a higher tension clutch spring than stock. That'll cause the lever to pull harder.
I will try to run it like this for the rest of the summer and then during the winter i will flush the system and refill it and see if that makes any difference. I also have some new levers i want to try - thanks for the input
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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