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Harley bashing

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I was just on a forum about oil, and someone asked about the best vtwin oil, it quickly turned into a Harley bashing thread! Whats the deal??? So what my fatboy isn't as fast or advanced as your vstar or I ride with leathers and chaps on a 40 degree day. I love all bikes, in fact I've owned or rode almost every make. I prefer my Harley because it has something most other makes don't,.....soul!!! My Harley is a part of me when I'm riding. Whats really crazy is that most of these bashers admit to never have owned or sometimes rode one! Like I said I love all bikes ( some more than others ), but don't hate because I ride something you wish you would have bought in the first place. JMHO!:biker:
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my buddy laughed and chastised me when i bought my harley- his honda was way better-

he had to finish a ride on my bike after i got sick - this past spring all he could talk about was getting a harley- he got one

another was a bmw lifer - traded it in on a dyna low and never looked back at the beemer
Welcome from Oregon and hopefully you posted that paragraph on the oil forum sounds like they need to hear it.Or at least you can stir the pot and watch the show:)
Nice intro :what?

As I always say "It isn't how quickly you can get there, it's the style in which you arrive." Shuts up all the crotch rocketeers I know.
when I rode Hondas and yamahas, I always said they were the most dependable bikes out there. but I now have 7500 miles on my street glide, and not one single glitch. not one drop of leaked or burned oil. and, as the op said, it has soul. my other bikes were just bikes. this bike has been just as dependable as any I've owned. to all the bashers I say, try one. if it's not your thing-fine. a friend of mine had always owned sport bikes. he recently bought a Harley, and is loving it.
A real biker thread and an oil thread in the same post, and it is a first post...:sleep
Did you find out which is the best oil to use?
Did you find out which is the best oil to use?
I had two V Stars before my 2014 H-D Superlow 1200T. I always thought my V Stars were great bikes, but a new Harley always intrigued me so I bought one, and I would never go back to a Japanese bike again. It's not because I think Yamaha is junk , but because my Harley rides, sounds and handles much nicer than my V Stars and my Harley has a lot more real chrome than my V Stars, which were all plastic chrome. Most guys I know that used to bash Harley now ride them and love them. Once again i have nothing against a Japanese bike, but for me it's a Harley. Some people just can't help making fools out of themselves when it comes to bashing other bike brands
Why can't we all just get along. They but have 2 wheels, motor, and handlebars. It is fits you then get your knees in the breeze and enjoy. I used to ( and still do from time to time) frequent a Kawasaki forum. From what I have experienced is most love all bike but it's the minority that stands out that bashes everyone that is different.

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The only bike I want to own and ride is a Harley. Wasn't always that way. And by riding a Harley now I ain't signed no stinkin lifetime agreement with HD.

I have previously owned Hondas and a Triumph. They still sell a bunch of bikes. I'll give you a wave on the road no matter what you are riding and may join you for a cold one (only one while riding) at one of the establishments that seems to draw bikes.

I won't badmouth your ride and would expect the same respect and consideration from you. Life is too short for any unnecessary BS.
Welcome from Hilo, Hawaii. Ride what you want and ignore the haters.
Nice intro :what? Sorry, I promise not to do that again.:thumbsup

Yea, I know.:blahblah:

A real biker thread and an oil thread in the same post, and it is a first post...:sleep
Well, I don't know if I'm a real biker, but I'm trying!

Did you find out which is the best oil to use?
I found Lucas Oil for a pretty good price.:bigguns
I better bring my A game on this forum for you guys!:spar
After 40 years of riding I test rode a Sportster and the following Saturday was back at the HD dealer trading in my Honda Shadow forca Sportster 72. What more can I say.
I've got a guy in my unit that keeps giving me crap for wanting a Harley. He says the only "cool" bikes are sport bikes. He says he wants to be able to go 200MPH if he wants to and thats why hes getting a Hayabusa. So I told him, "well I guess I'm just not "cool". I've had a suzuki dual sport, a Suzuki sport bike and a kawasaki sport bike but they were so uncomfortable to ride. The first time I heard a Harley when I was a kid I wanted one, then when I rode one for the first time I was hooked and knew I have one as soon as I could afford what I wanted.

That being said, I'd ride any bike given the chance. I love to ride. Theres nothing like it. I just prefer to do it on a Harley.
I've owned all kinds and went through the early sportbike phase and knew some older guys back then who rode them harleys and "we" meaning sportbikes guys said we didn't get the "whole harley thing"

Now "we" all have harleys :thumbsup

If I had a dollar for ever harley basher in my life that ended up getting a Harley :) then a harley TAT:) and dress themselves and their O/L in leather:) and turned into the biggest harley supporter you ever seen :eek

Go figure :what?
I used to be as anti-other then anything but HD as the next guy.
Then I grew up.
Have no plans myself on ever owning\riding anything but a Harley. But to each their own. It`s all the same wind.
Just tell them you prefer the sound of American Thunder over the sound of Japanese Bees. That you prefer to be able to ride the world in comfort instead of just 100 miles a day because it is too uncomfortable to ride any farther. That it is better to arrive in class than it is to arrive 10 minutes earlier.

Remind them that our women will kick their woman's ass's and the same goes for us men. Then just smile.
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