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Harley service cars

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I found this yesterday, interesting stuff, from Panhead Jim

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That is pretty interesting

Itrs funny though... Reading Servi Car... I keep thinking Maxi Pad
I had a Servi-Car when I was a kid and it tried to kill me every time I got on it. LoL
Interesting article. Thanks for posting/
My father and I are restoring a 1964 HD Servi-Car right now. 45" flathead, 3 speed with reverse. The '64 Servi-Car was the FIRST HD with electric start, contrary to popular belief. HD didn't start putting electric start on the big twins till '65. The starter is a Delco-Remy starter that was used on Evinrude outboards. The 64 was 12 volt with a full size car battery in the trunk. Ours has the tow bar on the front that could be hooked to a bumper of a car and the bike towed behind the car to deliver the car back to the owner, then the mechanic would ride the bike back to the shop. They could carry tools in the trunk to do roadside repairs. We are doing a complete frame off restoration and are slowly getting everything put back together. We should have the body work back from paint shop soon. Hopefully we'll have it running in the next couple months.
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Got pics? We love pics here!
If I can figure out how to post pics I will.
This is when we brought it home. It looks a lot better in this picture than it really was. We had to cut the rear cylinder off because the piston was actually fused to the cylinder wall. We were able to save the cases which are numbers matching. I'll post others in a few minutes.


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I want a Servicar!!
Nice!! Keep us in the loop as it progresses.
This was the best application of all.


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We got the transmission in the other day. That tab on top is where the starter motor mounts


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Keep the pictures coming!
I want a servicar!!
Very interesting ........thanks for posting !
Oh yeah , there were several other interesting motorcycle articles embedded in that site also .
Check out "riding vintage"!!
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