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Hi all,

How easy is it to change the top gearbox cover on a 2000 Softail Deuce. It’s the last bit of chrome that needs changing but accessibility looks difficult. The oil tank etc is right in the way.

Is it possible to remove/install without too much excavation!?

Thanks in advance
I can't speak on a duce but, my custom build has a divorced transmission, it wasn't too bad but I removed the oil tank anyway for clean out. It really depends on whether or not you have room to get the Allen key in there to turn the bolts.. if you can get them finger loose, you may be able to lift the bolts high enough to clear the transmission body. Worse case , you could unbolt the oil bag enough to raise it up to allow you to work..tape off anything that might scratch the chrome or paint..Good luck brother.
I hope this may have helped.
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