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Has anyone done any IBA rides?

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IBA (Iron Butt Association) has several insane rides for motorcyclists.
IBA - World's Toughest Motorcycle Riders
I did the 100ccc ride back in 2006. The point of this ride is to ride coast to coast to coast in 100 hours or less.

Me and two buddies started in Jacksonville Florida and rode to San Diego California and then back to Jacksonville. We were able to do it in 97 hours.

In doing so, we also knocked out the 1000 miles in 24 hours or less ride.

We got the paperwork sent in and received a nice little certificate and a tag badge with "Iron Butt Association Worlds Toughest Riders" on it.

Even though it is not one of their rides, I want to do the 4 Corners ride sometime. Maybe next year. :)
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I did the 1000 in 24 earlier in the year.
1197 miles, 18 hours.


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I did the Saddlesore (1000 miles in less than 24 hours) in about 20 hours about a year ago. I'd like to do the next ride up which is 1,500 miles in 36 hours.
I did the Saddlesore in 23 1/2 hours, 1036 miles. Had a bolt break on the tank, so there was a bit of a delay, but we made it. Kept on going another 800 afterwards, then could have done it again on the way back, but didn't think to keep the records.
Did it in early summer of 2004 on a Road King....was a blast and am open to doing it again.
Recently had the opportunity to make one from Bryan, TX to El Paso and back in 24 hours but my schedule wouldn't allow it. I would like to make one soon though.
Been thinking about doing one of these myself...
Did 1067 in 19.5 hours back in July. Took a few months to get the cert but worth it

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Trying to plan one next year.
I told hammer71 we could do one if he wants. We did over 600 to go eat lunch with the Texas boys a few months back!
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