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HD adjustable backrest mod

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Some others might be interested in this -- I bought the HD adjustable backrest for my 2014 Road King, but even with the pad at the lowest position it felt that it was too high on my back, and because of that it felt like it was pushing me forward even when pushed all the way back. I had already shelled out about $300 for it so I was not about to go and buy a different brand.

So I modified the HD backrest. At its lowest position the back pad was 2 inches above the seat and did not support my lower back. I removed the pad and saw that there is about 4 inches from the bottom of the pad adjustment slide to the top of the seat (where the support bracket bends sharply), so I cut the support at the halfway point between these two. I then overlapped them (thus eliminating the extra 2 inches), drilled two holes for 1/4 bolts, and bolted them together. Now it supports my lower back and I don't get the forward "push."


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I think I would have taken it back and got my money back .

I would not have spent 300 dollars and then have to modify it .
I'm thinking if you could modify it you could have built your own for 50 bucks or less

I guess I'm cheap Azz

Congrats on the new Bike

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That is pretty cool....thanks for sharing

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I just bent the hell out of mine till it felt right ...
nice job!
Great thinking...But I might have taken it back...bought a cheap one on e-bay and modified it. Thanks for the tip though.
Good job Dave! I did basically the same thing, but made a whole new bracket from strap material (big home store). It is sooo much more comfortable than before. The reason HD makes them so long, is so the backrest can still fold forward when you swing your leg over. Mine won't fold now because it sits right on the seat. Not a problem for me.
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