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HD Repair Time by the Book?

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Every Saturday, a bunch of guys meet up at the dealership to shoot the bull and have a few beers even if there isn't a event going on.

I was up there and decided that I was going to spend a little of money. I was going to buy the nostalgic footboard inserts, brake pad and shifter pegs. A little over $200 for the mods.
I went to the service dept prior to buying to see what they would charge to put it all on since I was going to be hanging around for a little while, plus they didn't seem to be very busy. The guy told me he would charge me one hour, ($95.00) and that was giving me a break because the book said 1.2 hours. I told him that even 1 hour was BS. I shouldn't have, but I went ahead and bought the parts from this dealer. I installed everything myself in 25 minutes today.

What's up with 1.2 hours when it basically should be 1/2 hour? I just don't get it.
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Otherwise known as the Flat Rate Manual, has times for every kind of repair, even bodywork.
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