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HD Tallboy Seat w/ Rider Backrest Kit

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I have a brand new HD Tallboy w/ strap and Smooth Rider Backrest Kit for sale. These were bought at the same time new from Kutter. I put them on the bike, sat on it and knew immediately it wasn't for me. Off they came.

Seat: 52000134 for Touring models and Trikes
Backrest Kit: 52914-09A

My loss is your gain. Price to move at $320 OBRO shipped. Original cost for me at Kutter was $456.

These have no rip, tears, abrasions and all bolts are with the backrest mounting kit. You'll need nothing except about 10 minutes to install it all.

PM me if interested and I can get these into the mail tomorrow.


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It fits 14 and 15 touring and trikes.
bump up
It actually put me a little to far back. I probably should have waited to get new bars and it would have been fine. I jumped on a mustang seat that was on sale here and did new bars at the same time, which worked out perfect for me. Now I have this perfectly good Tallboy and backrest that's available for a good home.
Do you know if these will work on a 2012?
Officially the HD web site says 2014 and 2015. From posts on this forum and others they say it'll fit 2006 and up touring models.
Any interest in splitting seat from the backrest as I already have a harley backrest?

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I will break it up. PM me your offer on the seat.
seat fits 09-15 models
Sorry about the delay but I need to make it to the stealer to see if the tall boy seat is what I'm actually looking for. I think it's what I'm looking for so I will get back to you the beginning of this next week. If you sell prior to that its my fault for waiting. Good luck (I mean that) as I've never been able to sell my sundowner seat for my old Deuce. I know the audience for that seat is way less than for a touring frame.

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Sounds like a plan. Thanks
Congratulations. -- I snoozed and lost. I'm happy you got a buyer. I'm still trying to figure out what I want. Anyone want a sundowner seat for a Deuce FXSTD/I?

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