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HeavyCycles LED tail light/brake light/turnsignal upgrades -
Watching in your rear view mirror will do nothing to assure some sleepy
or cell phone chattin' dumbass won't mow you down because you didn't stand out
in his field of view. HeavyCycles LED lights will.

It is not exaggerating to say they are bright enough that I believe tailgaters back off
to get relief from their intensity. I don't believe there is anything more effective
you can do to protect yourself from the idiot behind you.

Anybody who came to this forum from the V-Rod/1130cc forum will be saying,
Well NO DUH! Everybody knows that!
because on that forum there are so many rave reviews for HeavyCycles LED lights.
However I'm not sure everybody here has that background, and besides I got a new
and impressive compliment on my lights today that I wanted to tell about.

My son and I both have the same long route to work, mine is 46 miles, his is a bit further,
Hwy 78 is a long 2 lane high speed rural Texas highway, the first 2/3 is long dark wooded
stretches, 2 lake crossings, the road occasionally going to 4 lane urban area for a short
time, then another stretch of 2 lane dark highway. The last third is busy lighted urban
divided 4 lane with lots of traffic and lighting and visual clutter. We've been going down
this road at about the same time for almost a year, and I have never seen him on the
road. I ride more often than not. We both leave early, and most of the ride is in the dark.
Today he said Oh yeah, I pass you on the road all the time. My wife was standing by,
and I worried what might follow would be something like, "..really fast.." or "..really close.."
or "..crazy to ride in traffic.." or "..close call.."

What he said was,
"First time I saw you, I first noticed that there was a motorcycle way far up ahead,
and the reason it caught my eye, from a very long distance off, my first thought was,
"Damn, that bikes's got bright tail lights.."

I was delighted, and thought my wife would catch on to what a safety enhancement this is,
but she didn't react. So I pushed it. My son confirmed Brake, turn and tail light modes
are startlingly different from the other vehicles on the road, significantly brighter,
more pure and intense RED!! "REALLY bright" he said.

A very good feller with forum name and alter ego of DrHeathenScum, real name is Joe Alba,
Joe is the maestro of superbright LED custom fabrications for motorcycle lighting.
He is the lead horse of a one horse operation, Handmade, one order at a time.
People frequently get frustrated waiting for him to get their lights to them, people like me
who have ordered from him before, tell them just forget they are coming, if it takes 3 months,
or 5 months or 6 months, without any doubt it will be totally worth the wait.

On both my V-Rod and my LowRider, I have the Stage I taillight/brake light housing,
meaning nothing tricky,

just REALLY BRIGHT RED! for tail light

and "OW !F**K! MY EYES!!" RED!! for brake light.

and also my yellow turnsignals have been swapped for red covers, and superbright red LEDs,
and synchronized with the taillight as to taillight/brake light function, besides still flashing
for turnsignal use. It's all subjective, but I'd say this arrangement it is AT THE VERY LEAST
5 times as bright and attention getting as stock lighting. Probably more like 10 times.

A feller wanted to see my new lights at a V-Rod Hooter's wing night, I had him squat low
about 20 feet back so his eyeline was more like a car's driver's eyes, and hit him with
brakes and emergency flashers. He was still talking about seeing red spots in front of his eyes
20 min later inside the pub.

Important advice if anybody orders lights from Joe, use a credit card or debit card and not PayPal.
Joe knows it takes a long time to fill orders, and he won't charge your card until the day
he ships your lights, but he has no control of PayPal purchases, they bill right away,
and a 4 months wait is much more frustrating if you pre-payed.

These conversions are not cheap, but they're dirt cheap for the quality and the safety improvement. I'll quarantee nobody who has done this upgrade would ever go back to stock lights,
not even if you offered them $2500. Power drain is very low so you can save alternator output for
something that has high drain, like heated gear.


Joe's a member here too, maybe he'll regret my recommendation, it if he starts getting hassled by
impatient members about getting orders out over here too.
Love his avatar.


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Pix of my Heavycycles Stage 2 lights with custom turn signals built for my bike which were taken in bright sunlight.
I really like how bright the lights are and how they stand out, even on bright days. The scoot also has the rear fender tip light which is a run / brake light. I'm using a smoked lens for the turn signals and Joe from Heavycycles built the Stage 2 light into a smoked Panacea lens. Top quality work and superb LEDs.




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Yep, I do envy the big bikes having an extra place or two to put Joe's lights.
No doubt in my mind that any increased visibility directly relates to reduced risk of getting rear ended.
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