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Hello Brothers & sisters Newbw here.lol

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I have an 04 Electricglide Classic (Touring) has 98k miles but still goes, well it did til the other day was riding good, shut it off and now it wont start. If anybody can help me resolve this issue please feel free, Thank You, I did replace coil, fuel pump, fuse (s), and a new Battery. Turn over fine but just not starting, has fire.:biking::feedback:
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Check for DTC codes. Found in technical section.

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explain please

I have a shop manual, the only thing its for a 2000 and mine is a 2004, is there something i can at home?DTC code, sry
look in the technical section on THIS FORUM
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Check the kill switch , voltage at Battery . starter relay. starter solenoid ck ignition switch
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If starter relay is bad WILL that make it not start ? Kill switch ok, not use too being with out ride.
I'll try

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Check the kill switch , voltage at Battery . starter relay. starter solenoid ck ignition switch
Kill switch ok, New Battery, Will starter relay keep it from starting ?
Miss Riding:mad:DeadHorse:
I have a 1995 Heritage that I purchased used. From day one, I had a persistent electrical issue that I could NOT figure out. Tested everything, installed a new ignition switch, etc, etc. My bike would start, but it wouldn't hold a charge. I'd push the start button and the starter would engage, but not turn. Would just go, "CLUNK." Occasionally, I wouldn't even get that much - all I'd hear is the relay clicking.

When the starter would actually engage and work, due to low voltage conditions, it would stutter and grind, making the most obnoxious noise you've ever heard!! So, I replaced the starter (and installed a brand new battery) and things still weren't right. Last step? Replaced the Relay and everything's been dandy ever since.

The point of my telling you this is that, while my issues weren't exactly as yours are, that damn relay can do strange things - electrical issues always defy logic to me!

That said, it couldn't hurt to go grab a new relay and just try it. If that's not it, then you have a spare for future use. And one will only cost you $8 to $12. If you go to a dealership for a relay, however, I'd consider the aforementioned figures with a multiplier of around 2.5 to 3.5. Haha!

Good luck, amigo! I'm sure someone else with more knowledge will come along with more info.

Welcome to the forum from Houston!
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