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Hello from Cape Town, South Africa

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Just bought my first bike, an 883Iron, a month ago I had never even sat on a bike, my 883Iron arrived 2 days ago as I treated myself to a 40yr bday present. I am totally in awe at how awesome this bike is.
Also extremely awesome to be part of the HD community.

Looking forward to some exciting rides around beautiful South Africa and to meeting some cool HD community members.
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Welcome to the forum from Alberta Canada. Also welcome to two wheel freedom and therapy.
First happy birthday! Welcome to the crew. Good folks and info here.
Ride safe.
Congrats on the new bike

Welcome to the Forum

you can almost see the grin on your Face.....:laugh......:laugh
Welcome from Conway, SC.
Welcome from Kentucky. And welcome to the world of two wheels. You will soon be trying to kick your own a** for not getting a bike sooner. Enjoy!
Wow, that is a ways from here. Welcome from Massachusetts USA. I'm only a week hee myself and this place is great!
Welcome to the forum from New Hampshire.. Congrats on the new bike.
Welcome. Pictures of the bike? I love pictures.

Ok so the guy I bought it from put 800km / 500miles on the clock after buying it in July 2014, decided he wanted to something different This after adding screaming eagle pipes, replacing all grips and pegs, new mirrors, second seat for passenger.
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Welcome from College Station, TX

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Welcome to the forum from Virginia. Plenty of good folks and good information here.
Hi from Joburg. were you live in Cape Town. Welcome and enjoy the 883.
Welcome from the (now) snowy state of Maine. You're gonna love this place as much as your new bike! happy bday too!
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