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Hello from Kentucky

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Well I guess I will do my formal introduction today now that I am in front of a computer. I got some assistance via phone app late last week and I thank everyone that participated. It all seems to have worked out.

My name is Ian and I am from Lexington Ky. I'm 47, been riding since 5, and on the street since 16. I usually own, 3-4 bikes at a time and have had dozens of crotch rockets. Still love them!! :spank:

I am on my 1st Harley, bought it last November. I ride it like one of my rockets and it has not let me down. So much so that it is now the only bike I own (for the moment) mostly because I have learned that it is a big jewelry box to hang my expensive stuff off of!!!

I belong to forums for everything I own and do as in general they are the best information about all sorts of everything. I plan to stick around for awhile!! I a member on few of the other similar sites, some to small to get good info, some to big to get good info lol.

Again, thanks for the help last week, and looking forward to getting to know you guys. Sorry I'm late to the party


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Welcome from Virginia! Nice looking bike!
Welcome from College Station, TX.
Welcome from South Florida. Sweet bike. I am partial to white
Welcome from SEOklahoma!!! Lots of great ppl/info on here!!!
Nice looking bike!!! Welcome from eden nc

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Welcome from Conway, SC.
Conway, daughter just started Coastal
Welcome from north Texas!
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