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Hello. New here. Bought a '72 XLCH Ironhead last November. Semi-basketcase. Fortunately the engine was intact and in the frame. The bike had been sitting since 1984. Put it back together, got it running, new brakes, shorter shocks. The paint was toast, did flat black wet sanded with 1000 grit paper, rubbed out, looks like old paint, fits the bike.
Three Bendix carbs came with the bike, finally put one together that works. Nothing fancy, just an old looking bike. Kick start only. I believe it may be ready for a test ride.:eek: View attachment 825083
I owned that exact year sporty mine was also a basket. RH shift gets a bit of getting used to. Those drum brakes don't stop real fast, just saying. I enjoyed mine, I put electric starter on mine. Laced a 16" rear wheel put the fatest continetal tire on rear, chain just missed tire lol, Conti on front, did rear shocks as well. You have to dremel case for starter, ring gear should already be on clutch basket if you want to c h ange it. PIA but easier on kicker foot. Alot of memories on that bike. Nice job!
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