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Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally

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A co-worker was talking about going, so I checked out the website. Looks like a ton of fun, nothing absolute yet. But, I did pencil I'm those days for time off! Anyone going, or thinking about it?

Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally | Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally and bike show in Historic Baker City Oregon
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Looks like fun. Thinking I'll attend this year.
Be a good venue to meet some pacific north west forum members.
I'll see if anyone around here wants to go.
Or anyone been before, and could offer suggestions on meals, camping, etc?
There are some great roads and rides around there. If I went, I'd probably stay with my cousin. ;-) Got 'em everywhere. Yeah, that is sponsored by the H-D dealer in Boise (Meridian). That time of year, though, it gets stinkin' hot, especially in Hells Canyon. Be prepared.
Guy I talk to a while back said most of the towns people love the event and some rent out their Rvs and spare rooms etc. At the sight they have camping at the high school. I looked at it last year and there are also forest campgrounds around. Wanted to go last year but it was the same time as my ride down to so cal.
The camping package on the website, is at the high school. And I did see glancing at their forum, that it common for residents to take on house guests during the rally.

I expect July will be hot as can be during the day, not sure about the nighttime temps.
That time of year, you go into Hell's Canyon or up through the Salmon River canyon (Riggins), you'll think you're riding through hell itself. But, it is incredible. Baker City is on the east side of the Blue Mountains. Hot summer days, nice cooler nights.

Dang. I may be talking myself into going.

Will call cousin.
How cool? I need to pick up a sleeping bag, don't want to get one too warm.
Hey the Central and Eastern guys have their rides and get togethers, this could be one for the Western side!
Been up to Baker many times for the Rodeo and to ride. I have a relative who lives there. It does get hot during the summer but they get quite a few thunderstorms in that whole area too so be aware. I recommend Barley Browns in Baker for decent food and good beer.
I have trouble calling it Baker City. I grew up calling it just Baker. Irritating when cities change their names.
Made my reservation for a camp spot, co worker made his as well.
I'm going, got to firm up the rest of the crew. Lil sister might come up and ride my extra bike.
The rest of the animals commit I may be looking for a camp out of town....like on a river or creek some where's.
Paperwork came in yesterday. Getting things gathered up.
Got myself signed up. Camping package. See you all there.
I have trouble calling it Baker City. I grew up calling it just Baker. Irritating when cities change their names.
I had that problem with Spokane and Spokane Valley. When I lived up there, it was just Spokane.
Got my package this week.

Hoping to!!?

Have a blast.

Out there.
Coming down to the wire, who is heading out? My friend and I are planning to head out on Thursday. Just wondering if anyone is leaving the PDX area that day?
We're heading out of Eugene Wednesday, camping somewhere around the Ochoco devide. My buddy is trying to save herself for all the rally rides but she rides and camps well.

The sweet part of all this is we have 2 days to get there, 4 days to be there, and 4 days to get home. Should be a peaceful easy time.

See you soon windwalker.
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