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I had posted in the general softail forums concerning an electrical issue this seems like a better spot to post...

The bike I have is an 87 according to the title but is an assembled bike, it has an S&s motor and just about everything else appears to be aftermarket.

Just got the bike a few weeks ago in a trade.

The previous owner had not been able to get it running, he wound up replacing the rotary ignition switch. When I went to look at the bike he had some friends helping him and the problem seemed to be that there was no power to the starter with the ignition switch in the ignition position. It did start and run when the ran a wire from the battery to the starter solenoid .

I have been tinkering with it for the last few days. I found that the starter engages with the switch in the off position and the accessory position. It was not engaging in the ignition position.

I had been trying to find a wiring diagram but don't know specifically which one pertains to this bike. I found one for an 87 F X R but it doesn't seem to match what I am finding.

I found a black wire grounded to the dash board that appeared to be out of place and wound up removing it. This seemed to restore the function of the starter with the ignition switch in the ignition position so I put everything back together thinking I was all set. Nope, no such luck. It will now crank with the switch in ignition but now I have no spark.

It will still crank in the off position and accessory position too so something remains amiss.

it had been suggested in the other post that the ignition switch may be miss wired or even a bad switch.

I don't have a good point of reference for proper ignition switch wiring not knowing exactly what I have.

is it too much to assume that an 87 frame would use the wiring harness for an 87 too?

I should note that the black wire I ungrounded from the dash traced to a green wire it was spliced into going into the headlight. I noted without that wire grounded the headlamp didn't come on. If I grounded it the headlight came on but still a no start situation.

is there a model number coded into the Vin stamped on the frame?

any further guidance appreciated.

Search is your friend also . :)

Please Read : http://www.harley-davidsonforums.com/forums/general-service-repair/24276-harley-vin-information.html
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