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Help please

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So I'm on the side of the road currently with a blown head gasket on the rear cyl. Before I pay 135 bucks to tow it or try to get it in the bed of a truck is it safe to ride it the 20 or so miles home? It's a big enough rupture you can see and feel it. Pretty sure it's big no but I figure I'd ask.
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Dang!!! I personally wouldn't go that far. Wouldn't be worth the risk to me.
I wouldn't, could do a lot more damage then the towing cost.
Well if you grenade it... You can always just go big!
Tow it
You may run the risk of eroding the gasket mating area on the head, in which case you would have to mill the heads to get the gasket surface area flat again.
Thank god for stout friends. And rob. We got her in the bed of a truck. Bright side is I got the first 100 miles of break in done.
So the rear head bolt was barely snug. With that being said would you expect the Indy shop to stand by the work I just had done or should I just chock it up as a loss and replace the gasket? I just got it back Friday so this is a big disappointment to me. Had the heads polished and cleaned up 10.5-1 pistons and 536 cams done.
I would hope they would stand behind it. Sounds if you had a loose head bolt, I would have the head and cylinder mating surfaces checked to make sure that they haven't been warped.
The head needs to come back off and get cleaned up and a new gasket installed. They will probably stand by their work. Most shops would in a case like this.
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