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Thanks for looking in---I got a problem with my bike 91 fsltf 'fatboy' the Transmission Dipstick decided to crystalize or break at the top while riding---yeah riding. Anyways the transmission ate the dipstick, thank to the dipstick who invented the dipstick instead of an oil window that has been around since the 70's.
I have an owners manual and there it shows the diagram and how just a ring keeper will unlock the counter shaft----but here is the thing they do not tell if I can do this while it is in the bike without removing the top cover it also skips over the 6 or so big allens that hold the door down. I would like to slip those gears out of there without having to remove the oil tank starter and all kind of other things the manual steers you around to.
Is there any pressure or clip/bolt/spring on the SIDE DOOR COVER on the 91 hd transmission ? Or can I just remove the 6 allens and clip rings and open the door to see how UGLY it got in there!

Looked for resources online wish there was a utube video on this one!! I know the shop can do it but the last time I went to the shop I left to discover the transmission mount bolts were loose because they did not tighten them when they assured me that not just any one can install an inner primary case..... So I am here with transmission problems 800 miles down the road. just want to see if it is just an adjustment as far as the shifting cam goes but wanted to make sure is not to pitted or scared in there?? Thanks again for looking in any experience on this would be appreciated.
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