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help. stage 1

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i just watched a s&s install video where they installed a air cleaner and slipons. The tech said on 07 bikes and newer no dyno or tuner is needed. Then i do more research and people say to do it. why is this such debate? Right now i have the s&s stealth and cycle shacks on it but havent been able to ride it since the air cleaner install. its snowing and 15 degrees. i plan on doing a thunderheader/ road rage/ pro pipe with my taxes about to be here. what should i do?
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The bike will run with no tuner and meet EPA requirements. However, it will be lean and will not have as much power as the setup is capable of.
Talking about fuel tunes on a stage 1 is almost as bad as talking about what kinda oil you should use. General ideas for those that say tune it are cause your bike is running more on the lean side when you get it to meet the EPA emission rules. As you open up the air cleaner and the exhaust you are throwing more air at it and making it run more lean, hotter. The newer fuel injection systems can correct for some changes in air flow and get back, or close to the stock fuel ratios. But to really get all your hp and torque, and get the bike running cooler, a fuel tuner can help you out. I know I didn't really answer your question as I chose not to give advice on subjects that I know I don't know a ton about.

In my experience, once I did an air cleaner and new mufflers, I always have done a fuel tuner. I've never dyno'd as I don't care if I get every little bit of hp and torque out of it. I just want it to run smooth and not too hot, and not pop every time I let off the throttle. So a fuel tuner with a base stage 1 map has always been enough for me.
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For stage one take it to the dealer and they will remap it for you. There is a charge for this.
Dealer download changes the ignition table, doesn't richen fuel up enough (EPA).XIEDS Atleast if you're not doing a tuner.
Dealer download and Stage I gizmos installed with SE pipes. Never a minute of trouble related to it.
Dealer download and Stage I gizmos installed with SE pipes. Never a minute of trouble related to it.

Same here Kd ,pipes, breather and download on my old Softail and never had an issue.
The last Road Glide I had a stage1 done at dealer And it pick up power and responded quicker Think its a new air filter and maping it for about 200 dollars.And I got and install my own pipes
And to let you know am fixing to do my new one the same way
2015 Street Glide Special...Just installed RC slip ons and RC true dual headers myself. Plan on a stage 1 HD air cleaner, and a HD Pro Tuner to be mapped and dyno'd by the dealer, as soon as, the weather breaks. I'm buying all my parts from the dealer, and having them tune the bike in hopes of saving some semblance of a warranty on my machine.:what?
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