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help with part numbers

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my wifes 2005 xl883l is missing the front stop switch. went to harley tonight and they want 66.73 for it. so i got home and checked on line and found what appears to be the switch from jp cycles for 15.00$ BUTTTT...... what concerns me is the oem part number.
the dealership # 71621-08 kit-switch,frt/stoplam
JP cycles gives #71590-96.
was there a change in part numbers? will the jp cycles part work? it looks the same
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71590-96 is the correct part number for a 2005 XL.

71621-08 wasn't used until 3 years later in 2008, which is what the "08" in the part number signifies.

If there was an update to the original part used in your wife's bike, the part number would be appended with a letter, such as 71590-96A.

The parts guy at your dealership deserves a swift kick to the jimmys.
Actually, did some more looking on 71621-08. It is a supersceeded part number to 71590-96.

Apparently this "kit" includes the 71590-96 (MSRP $24) switch, along with 2 small zip ties, and a short piece of heat shrink.

So basically the MoCo is charging you $43 for 2 zip ties ($0.25 for the pair) and a short piece of heat shrink ($0.30), in which case the parts guy still deserves a swift kick to the jimmys.

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i agree!!!! the prices are unreal sometimes. so i can go with the jp cycle part and be safe?
it looks the same. zip ties and shrink tubing for 14.99.. will amazon or anyone else carry this item?
Should be ok with JP.

Amazon also has them here:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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