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almost added this in another saddlebag question thread but didn't want to highjack anybody.
i pulled the bags off my '07 and left them off for the first time, just to see how it felt and handled. i realized there is a helluva lot of hardware left hanging out there when the bags are off, the lower mount studs w/ rubber bushing and two up top on each side. i wasn't sure where the uppers came apart so i didn't try, just slid on some black hose with a chrome acorn nut.
my question: do these studs come off (uppers)? does Harley sell something to add on to make it look better?
it won't be this way permanently, just like to be able to switch it when the urge strikes. got any advice?

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I don't know if it's the same setup, but I took the bags off my '12 Heritage.
I bought stainless replacement hardware (round-head hex drive, with black nylon washers,
and steel lock washers) for the fender rails. stock studs should have a hex nut for removal.
My bag support mounting bolts are down near the passenger footpeg mounts
(one on each side). Takes about 15 minutes to re-install or remove bags.
Nice clean look without the bags.
I think best to replace fender rail bolts (studs) one-at a-time so nothing can shift and go wacky.
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