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hi from south africa

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hi from south africa. just joined the forum and would like to say hallo from johannesburg. got a really good forum here.
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Welcome from eden north Carolina

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Welcome from Virginia. What do you ride, or looking at getting?
new rider south africa

thanks for making me feel welcome. i currently ride a xl 1200 custom 2013 model. i bought my Harley after not riding for around 25 years and have only had it for a year, but it has been great so far. i will have some questions to ask all you experienced riders as i have started to pick up some issues. but for now it just feels good to be amongst the forum experience.
I had a friend from Johannesburg who opened a business in Florida the same week I opened mine back in 1978.

I have another friend whom I met at Indiana University. He was #2 in the linguistics dept. He moved to Univ of Edinburg Scotland and several years later chaired the dept at the university at Capetown, S. A.

Welcome from near Chicago.
Welcome from north Texas!
Welcome to the forum from Alberta Canada.
Welcome from Oregon
Welcome from SEOklahoma!!! Lots of great ppl/info on here!!!
Welcome from College Station, TX.
Welcome from New Hampshire
Welcome to the forum from Virginia. Plenty of good folks and good information here.
Thanks guys. Great to be talking to all of you and getting the welcome. Right know the weather is perfect for riding with a lot of sunshine and heat.
Welcome from Houston. Hoe gaan dit?
Welcome from N. Arizona and Route 66. Congratulations on your ride. Be safe out there.

2013 FLHRC
Welcome from Washington State, hope you enjoy the site... :cheers
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