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Holster for your bagger

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Hey everyone,

I realize not everyone likes or carries a firearm so please disregard if you're not interested. I have been around firearms my entire life. I've carried a self defense firearm most of my life too.

Sometimes when I'm riding with my wife she doesn't like my pistol jabbing her in the leg as I carry it strong side at the 3 o'clock position. So, I went in search of a solution and found Muddy River Tactical. They make a holster that has a metal support that attaches to your locking nut in your bag and the holster itself is made of Kydex. You can get right or left hand versions. This allows me to keep my carry gun with me and not drive the wife nuts. I thought I would share:
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I carry IWB at 4:00-5:00 because that's the only way I can without printing. It's sometimes bothersome with having the backrest if I am carrying in my jeans (though not as much an issue if I am carrying in the waistband of the over-pants, which I don't like doing because when I get somewhere and take them off, I have to pull it out to transfer to my jeans, but it's different when travelling where I will be wearing the over-pants all day). I don't have to worry, states that don't recognize my Alabama CCW are all places I don't go to anyway. I don't avoid them or anything, they just happen to land that way.

But I don't think this would be for me even if I did go somewhere that didn't recognize my CCW permit. Some of those places have laws that say the gun must be locked and in a case, and I can't put a lock on the gun in a holster like that. Just something to consider (transporting laws).
EDIT: woops, wrong thread.
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And what holster were you wearing during all that Kyle? Was it comfortable? :unsure:
Woops, wrong thread.
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